Rick Hutchinson

Rich glossy I became a licensed real estate agent in 1976 and sold real estate until October of 1978.  I was then recruited as a mortgage loan officer and served in that capacity for some 28 years.  During that time, I was invited to be part of the original Rocky Mountain Mortgage team.  Later, after taking time off for other pursuits, I served as a mortgage auditor for five years and then jumped at the opportunity to join The James Sly Team in May 2017 – we have a very capable team and love to help others with the great American dream of home ownership.

I was born a “preemie” at one of the two United States Air Force Bases near Fairbanks, Alaska – my dad worked as a fire fighter at the other one.   After spending the first 6 weeks of my life in the base hospital I flew with my mother to her parent’s Oregon home and then traveled, a few months later, to our family farm in sunny southern Alberta, Canada where my parents farmed until their retirement and where they still reside.  An interesting tidbit: my mom and I are US citizens, my dad and 2 brothers are legal dual citizens, and a brother and sister are Canadian citizens.