James Sly

JamesSly-USE THIS - background-retouchedI grew up in the Sacramento, California area. (I moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah with my family in 2005.) I’m married to my dearest friend, Holly. We’ve been married for 22 years and have six wonderful children. Holly and I have two very different backgrounds. I was raised by a single mom who often worked two jobs just to provide for me and my brother. She never owned a home, and when rent went up we moved. By the time I graduated high school I had lived in 11 different houses. Owning a home never even entered my mind. To me, a house was simply four walls and roof over my head.

Holly’s experience is the total opposite of mine. Her parents still live in and own the same home they purchased when Holly was 3, over 43 years ago. To Holly, owning a home was much more than four walls and a roof; it was security. It represented the opportunity to make lasting friendships, have deep community roots and a place to make wonderful childhood memories.

Soon after we were married, Holly suggested we buy a home of our own. I wanted nothing more than to make my bride’s dreams of owning a home come true. So, we met with a loan officer who took literally ten minutes with us. He asked some very basic questions then simply said, “You don’t qualify to buy a home.” He quickly dismissed us and took no time to help educate or explain why we didn’t qualify or to help us put a plan in place.

That unfortunate experience became my reason “WHY.” I want to help people. I want to educate people. I want them to leave my office feeling heard and understood. And if for any reason they aren’t ready, I help them put a plan in place. I strive to be more than a “loan officer.” I want to be your consultant. I now, like Holly, believe that a house is a home; it’s more than four walls and a roof.  A home is where relationships grow, where families make memories, and where love grows. I believe everyone should experience the blessings of owning a home.

My goals as your Mortgage Consultant are to first, develop a friendship.   I believe those I help are truly my friends and I love to build new friendships. Second, I love educating people about the mortgage process and the benefits of home ownership. Third, I love to celebrate with my clients as they achieve their dreams of owning a home. Finally, I help teach my clients the fastest way to pay off their mortgage and gain financial security. I’ll be there for them for any of their needs.

On a personal note, I am a very early riser.  I am my family’s “alarm clock” making sure everyone is up and going every morning.  I served a two-year LDS mission to the Philippines. I love Thai food. My wife and I had a mission to try all the Thai restaurants in Utah County to find the BEST. (We think we did, but are always open to trying new places!) I love spending time with my family and supporting my kids in their activities. I have never really had hobbies (I always spend my time at work or with family). But last year after a trip to central Utah on a UTV trip and have come to love riding on trails near my home. Maybe I found a hobby after all.