Dave Duke

Dave Duke 2-2013 Small I’ve been asked several times why I do what I do. What did I become a mortgage consultant and what is it that keeps me in this business? The simple reason is the relationships that I have formed with clients, business partners, and even family.

Truthfully, this career sort of chose me. After working in the financial services arena for several years, it became obvious that several of our clients were in need of “mortgage help.” That is where my career started–as a loan officer for a small brokerage in Bountiful, UT that I barely visited. I had no mentor, no one to “coach” me, so I poured over guidelines and devoured regulations. That is why, to this day, when someone in the office needs to know an obscure rule for a particular loan product, often the response is, “Ask Dave. If he doesn’t know the answer, he knows where to find it.” That ability to know the business has allowed me to share with and gain the trust of, fellow loan officers, real estate agents, title officers, and some of my best friends are those with whom I work. How many loan officers can say they are the executor of the will of one of their realtor partners?

Years ago, I developed a simple business philosophy. “Treat every client the way you would want your grandmother to be treated.” What does that mean exactly? I would want my grandmother to know she was doing business with someone that she knew, liked, and trusted. I would want that person to make every decision so that it’s in the best interest of her, not them. No short term gain is worth losing a potential lifelong relationship. That philosophy has never failed me.

That philosophy and knowledge allows clients to trust the expertise that our team brings to the table and that trust allows people to open up and create new friendships. I truly care about what is happening in the lives of my clients and I hope that comes through when we talk and discuss even something as mundane as mortgage products!  I hope that the financing of their new home is part of a path in their lives that leads to wonderful family memories. I hope that their experience with our team is one that they can look back at and know that we took care of them and their family. There is nothing better than eating dinner at the house of a friend and knowing you helped them purchase that home.

What I do for a living allows me to spend time with my beautiful and talented wife, Elaine, and our six children, who range in age from 17 to 25. They are the lights of our life and because of the team structure that we have set up in our business, we can take the time we need to cultivate relationships with our children without sacrificing the service that my clients and business partners have come to expect.